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In simple term woops is a content management system but the reality is woops is much better than that. We were expert in website development using different CMS, while developing we have faced so many issues - some makes developer life tough - some makes end user experience worst. That's why we developed woops to overcome all issues of other CMS.

Frankly, non programmer can’t develop a website using woops but for developer is it very easy and customizables tools for website development.

woops is done but not finished yet. We are upgrading it in regular basis. So let us know what you want - we will integrate that feature on our system .

woops is an output of Royex Technologies R&D team.

For more info contact us at info@royex.net

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  • Khan Villa,4th Floor 1005/10,East Nasirabad,
  • CDA venue,Chittagong,Bangladesh)

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  • +88017-21001400
  • info@royex.net

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