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There is nothing better than selecting a content management system for a website. In market when we move we come across many content management systems that  can provide one the power to make the updates and getting control over the properly designed website in spite of having zero or very less technical info.

But how one can make a decision about thebestCMS to select? May be a platform like the PHP which include WordPress or Joomla can help? Or select an available net solution? Or select an e-commerce platform for the job? In addition to this one can make the decisions on the basis of the customization, security and many other portfolio’s.

The foremost thing for the websites is to develop something that is helpful to viewers and is search engine optimized. This is no doubt the basic reason for the success of any business.

So what we are having in here is the list of some important aspects to keep in mind before selecting a best CMS.

Content search engine optimization
The techniques of indexing is used by the search engines to check the credibility of the website. The information that is apparent on the surface of the websites along with the data that is present I hidden form in the shape of the coding is checked by the on SEO. Some of the important text that needs to be controlled by any bestCMS are as followed.

What are Title Tags –The text we see at the top of the browsing panel and in the result screen is called the Meta text. The quality of the good Search engine optimized platform is that it contains very small number of characters or figures in text of the titles.
What is Meta Descriptions –The description and the deep analysis behind every page is not shown on front. A well-organized explanation of the description can construct the minor line in between viewers accessing your website and the rival sites. Like we mentioned above, the same is true for the Meta description that the CMS like the Woops CMS who can make the characters less can make the different In the SEO.
Importance of Meta Keywords – Indexing of search engines has not been done for many years but we keep them in order to help the site search. Use of the good keywords that are SEO is optimum for the searching that is carried out on the website. For this the indexing of the keywords is important.

Info about the navigation text
Forward Navigation and the secondary-navigation –Indexing of this part can be done with the HTML format easily. The woops CMS also provides this quality which adds to its better performance.
Sitemapping–The availability of the site map is pretty much important since it can help one in getting a quick know how about the features the site is providing.

Adding the user-Friendly URLs-The words that are appearing on the website can also be controlled and is very important aspect of the SEO. This is why we try to not include any other extension format like. php etc. By using this step the reading and viewing becomes easier for the visitors. So ultimately leading to the better results. Every little step adds!
ALT tags – These are the tags that are not available on the website in the normal view. But there is something attached to the image in the coding that can help in the clear description to the SEO about what actually image is. The screen reader helping the people who cannot see are also be made with these ALT tags. The woops CMS system ensure the adding of the ALT tags to the images.

Entering the social media into circle
Most of the search engines are now paying attention on following social networking as important aspect of the program that is used to construct theranking of the search engine. Search engine optimization will obviously have a greater important positive impact if the site is receiving some very fine likes from the Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.
Social Signals –We see the sites where it is usually written as” click to share” are actually the social signals.The woops CMS completely supports these social signals.
Integrated Social Media Feeds –The use of Facebook and twitter feeds is precious for the websites since they can easily attract the public.So one CMS must make some place for this as well.

Fresh Content Feeds –We usually see on the website an RSS icon with the daily and latest feeds. This feed can easily help in the understanding and knowledge of the available new content on the website. A CMS system should also make it as a part of what to do list.

Technical Search engine optimization
What is the Website optimization?

The important parts of this section are…
Site Search – It is one exceptional Search engine optimization tool and also excellentwhen we talk for the user attraction. With the help of this one can see what people are looking for in the website. So you can know which products or text to place at right front and which to not. It also helps in the reviewing of the items available on the internet. This must be the part of the CMS.
Duplicate Content Control –This feature controls the stoppage from the copying of the content and posting them again on the website as some second copy. This is usually called as the canonical programming. The CMS system one is using on the website must have the feature of determining the content being published is not repeated and if yes then help you in selecting which one to index and which one to ignore properly so Google and other search engines won't mistake show the pages as duplicate.

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