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We know every thing now is this world is almost accessible through internet and web. The internet experience is providing people with the best possible understanding of their tasks and things happening around their. So obviously it is the news from these days that the websites are getting the best possible earnings in the last many years.

The website making is an art and what every web maker strives for. It is only the difference in the content management system and making of the websites that can change the way one can see, think and feel while sitting on the internet. The search engine optimization also plays a very vital role in this. Obviously a site that is made with latest trends and demands is the attractive one and that can have the user attraction. More over the websites that is having some kind day’s with the google is also having some very fine time with the viewers and people from round the worlds since everything is related to SEO and SEO friendly CMS. This is the reason that the customization and the optimization of the web pages on the basis of SEO and sites is necessary in order to have good reviews from the readers and viewers. Only this way one can also keep happy the google while using the SEO friendly CMSwhich is the biggest source of traffic to a certain website.

Basic acronym
We are providing an acronym that is used and will also be of interest to everyone who is in making of the websites. It is “The Mad Hatter Is Definitely Rather Loony”. The first letter of each words shows some information that is to be kept in mind for the website makers. T stands for the Title tag, M stands for the Meta description and the keywords tag, H stands for Header tags H1, H2, H3, I is showing the Image file names and alt tags, D depicting the Diverse keywords, R standing for Relevancy  and L stands for Reputable links.

Now let’s study them in detail.

The Title tag
The title tag is important and is of vital interest to the Google spiders. The title tag comes to the topmost section of the web search engine and can work in almost the copied way as heading of a book. Since we know that even in the normal life the header counts so is the importance of this title tag.

The important point in this regard is to do as much as one can to increase the attractiveness of the title so that more number of clicks are attained. Start with the primary key work in the title and also try to include the secondary one in as this will be additive advantage in SEO. But do not run for it since sometimes if the number of the keywords are large the google will obviously come to know about the trick. Make the keyword relevant to the writing. Try to cut the number of the characters to 69 at most but not more than that. The last but not the least is to avoid duplicating which can be easily done by using the SEO friendly CMS.

Secondary description Meta tag
When we see a link or a website in the google what we get is the front line link which is usually bold while the second line description is of few sentences with some information that can catch the viewers. It also sometimes contain the keywords. It must be short with the summary of the whole content. It must add to the title somewhat. Number of the characters should be greater than or equal to 160 and also avoid contradicting data with the Title tag. In this way it can fulfil the requirement of the content management system and the search engine optimization.
Moreover the Meta keyword tags are not important in these days when we talk about google rather it has simply stopped using it.

D for the Diversity
The next point is the utilization of the both primary and the secondary keywords in the data and content we are entering on the site. It also must be kept in mind that the keyword density must be up to a certain level and not greater than it. The data should be readable, attractive, technical for knowledge gaining and  should be long in length – The more one adds informative content in the text and tries to fulfill the readers demands, the more google will take the site seriously and important to show. So one can do this by taking advantage of Woops CMS.

R for Relevancy in text
The next point what google looks for is the data must be relevant in the sense that the main idea and the content being added must have the same descriptive topic. It will be highly possible that the site is rejected by the google for search if the site is having the title of house loan services and what it has in text content is the news about models. So the google pretty much looks for the bounce rate from a website and it can prove to be in our favor if we build the website on woops CMS.

L Acknowledgeable links
Adding the trustworthy links to the site is perhaps the best of the above mentioned strategies and it helps one adding to the better future of the website.

High quality content, relevance, rich in keyword for certain percent is decisive if one wants the site to get noticed. Woops CMS itself tries to make the website linked to the top websites already available and getting to your website will be easier through these trustworthy sites. If they get to know that your site is a trustful one and with excellent brand obviously more links will move your way.

Concluding remarks
Everyone wants to make a website that is individual in all sense and that is best in its working and exercise for the user review and remarks. But there are few only people who actually know the secrets behind all this theory and content management system along with search engine optimization and who want to get themselves registered in this list. For any website to get a popular review and optimization, it is necessary to get the site optimized with tweets we mentioned above and thus one can get his/her website to appear on the top.

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